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Biography of Shaykh ISaam Moosaa Haadi -hafidhahullaah-
As written by him

All praise is for Allah the Lord of the Worlds and may the peace and blessings be upon the chief of the messengers, Our Master Muhammad and upon his household and companions in totality.

As to what follows:

For indeed I have been requested by more than one of our brothers to mention something of my biography, and this reoccurred a lot, and then became really numerous, so (that) I did not find an escape out of answering their question, So I say:

The Name (is): ISaam ibn Moosaa ibn Muhammad ibn Sulaimani ibn Ahmad ibn Eesaa ibn Muhammad ibn Moosaa Al Haadi. And Al Haadi is a family that goes back to the clan of Al Aliy, and which lived in the Village Ein Karem[2] from a district in Jerusalem. My Family migrated with its clan and other clans (Ein Karem) at the time of the Jews occupation of Palestine in the year 1948 AD.

Birth: I was born in Amaan on 27/8/1968AD.

Upbringing: I was brought up in thearea alAkaarimat in the province Jabal Al-Hashmi Al-Shamali, and it isone of the areas of eastern Amaan.

As regards my Academic upbringing: thenI enrolled in the systematic schools until I graduated from high school,then I enrolled in the Shareeah Institute in Jabal al Weibdeh, so I earned adiploma with a speciality in Imamate and Preaching, then I proceeded in mystudies until I earned a Bachelors in Shareeah.

And as regards my religiousupbringing: I was brought up and all praise is due to Allaah- in a religious environment,so Allaah blessed me with being observant of the prayer while I was still notup to 7 years old, and I was brought up in the environment of the Masaajid andpraise is due to Allaah, so I joined the elementary school of the Masjid and Iread all of the noble Quraan with the narration of Hafs from Aasim, and I learnedthe rulings of Tajweed from a number of youths and my teachers in atTakrurimosque in Al-Hashmi Al-Shamali, which is considered as the second mosqueas regards the Masaajid of the Salafi dawah in all Jordan at that time afterMasjid asSalik and in which its Khutbah was deputised to our Shaykh and uncleMuhammad Ibraaheem Shaqrah[3], May Allaah heal him andpardon him, with our Shaykh Ahmad Saalik asShinqeetee[4]-rahimahullaah-, where our uncle gives the khutbah at alTakruri one Jumaah andShaykh Ahmad Saalik gives the Khutbah at the next, so I was raised and all praiseis due to Allaah as a Salafi not knowing of the innovation of taSawwuf, nor thestain of hizbiyyah, so nothing stroke my attention except the dawah of truth.
So knowledge was beloved to me since Iwas little, and that was not strange, since I was brought in the midst of loftyscholars and I always used to be frequent around them, and they are our Shaykhand uncle Muhammad Shaqrah and our Shaykh Ahmad asSaalik and his father our ShaykhMuhammad asSaalik May Allaahs mercy be upon them all-.
Then Allah blessed me withthe companionship of our Shaykh Muhammad Naseeb arRufaai[5], as he migrated fromAllepo to Jordan, and settled in Al-Hashmi Al-Shamali and he was a lonestranger, so my uncle advised me with being in his company, and sticking to his classes, so I took from him the salafi aqeedah studying and learning, so I read to him Usool Thalaatha andKitaab atTawheed and Kashf Shubuhaat, and like this I progressed with him untilI benefitted from him great benefit and I benefitted from his companionshipgreat good.
Then Allaah blessed me to know ShaykhalAlbaany rahimahullaah- so initially I started to call on the telephone, thenI accompanied him in his gatherings, lessons and travels, then Allaah blessedme to work in his library, where I was honoured to be his secretary and copyistrahimahullaah- for five years, we were both on the same table, drinking fromhis knowledge and seeking from his guidance and wisdom rahimahullaahu-.
Thus, really I havebenefitted from the noble people of knowledge who were my Mashaaiykh, I haveattended their beneficial classes, from them: the Imaam ibn Uthaymeen[6] rahimahullaah-, I haveattended a number of his sittings in the Haram at Makkah, and from them is theImaam ibn Baaz[7]rahimahullaah-, I have attended a number of his general and specializedclasses, Allaah benefited me with it, and from them is Shaykh Abdul Mohsen alAbbaad[8], for whenever I enterMadinah in Umrah or Hajj, I dont miss any of his class (and it was our ShaykhalAlbaanys advice), and similarly his son Shaykh abdulRazaaq[9], like I have attended anumber of classes with Shaykh Abee Bakr alJazaairy[10] and Shaykh Muhammad MukhtaarashShinqeetee[11]and many other than them.

Work: I work in the ministry ofendowments as the first Imaam, and a member of the committee of examining the centers of the noble Qur'aan in the whole kingdom. And I pray and give the Khutbahfor Jumah at the mosque of atTakruri, Al-Hashmi Al-Shamali, and from thevirtue of Allaah on me is that I started giving lectures at the Masaajid while I was still 18 years of age, andI have not stopped giving lessons or classes -and all praise is due to Allah-.

Academic Permissions: I memorized allof the Quraan and read to a number ofnoble Shuyookh, and I received an Ijaazah from the Jordanian Ministry of Endowments,I also read the all of the Quraan with the recitation of Aasim with thenarration of Hafs and his people, and the recitation of Naafi with thenarration of Warsh and Qaaloon, and the recitation of Abee Amr alBasree fromthe narration of adDuwree, and the recitation of alKasaai from the narrationof Abee alHaarith and adDuwree, and the recitation of ibn Katheer from thenarration of alBazee and Qanbil, all that separately then I read thefundamentals of the ten recitations[12] , then I took the tenlarge recitations collectively, and it is a known method to the people of thefield.

Written works: Allaah blessed me withthe checking of a number of books which Allaah permitted to be accepted, and Iask Allaah for sincerity in it, from it (Buloogh alMaraam) by Haafidh ibnHaajar, and (Sunan ibn Maajah) and (atTirmidhee) and (Abee Daawud), and from authored works (Saheeh Marwiyaat Hudhayfah-bnu Yamaan fil Fitan wa AshraatiSaaah) (Authentic narrations of Hudhayfa ibn Yamaan in tribuations and signs ofthe hour) and other than it-, and it is Allaah I ask for increase in hisfavours and sincerity in statements and actions.

Dawah activities: I traveled to Spaina number of times to call to Allaah for some noble brothers who made it easy togo the Masaajids in the length and breadth of the country; teaching, givinglectures and counselling, and academic and educative seminars. And I traveled to the Philippines toJaamiat alUlamaa in philipines in Mindanao Island, and I was at that time sentby His Eminence Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Halil in the days he was the Ministerof Endowments.

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[3][TN]: Born in Palestine in 1934AD he studied at alAzhar University Egypt, married the sister of his colleague Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad Saalik ashShinqetee, then he taught at the Islaamic University of Madinah where he met Shaykh ibn Baaz, who used to advise people to regard him as the Scholar of Shaam, he played a big role in spreading the Salafi dawah in Jordan when it was still unknown (he used to say to his wife: if my head was removed from my body, I will not stop until Allaah fulfils his destiny in me (I become lifeless), so it is either the Manhaj becomes apparent, or I come to an end (pass away)); he was a major helper of Shaykh alAlbaani when he had difficulties, and the Imaam of his Janaazah when he passed away. See his biography written by his son Shaykh Aasim: http://www.saaid.net/Doat/ehsan/89.htmaccessed 26 Feb. 2014

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[5] [TN]: Mufassir, Faqeeh and Poet born in Aleppo (no date), he played a major role in opposing the French occupation of Syria; he spent most of his life between Lebanon (migrating in 1972) and Jordan (migrating in 1976); staying in Jordan till he died after having a weak eye sight in his last days. He is described as been very light hearted, not harsh in opposing or with his opposer, and very eloquent. Shaykh ISaam Moosa Haadi has a detailed biography of him yet to be published. See here:
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