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Reasons the Children of Islaam attack the Salafi Dawah

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Salafi Dawah

What is Salafiyyah?
To whom is it ascribed?
Who are the Salaf asSaalih?
Is ascribing to the Salaf considered as an ascription to a person or group of people?
Is it correct for anyone to claim the founding of the Salafi Dawah?
What are the principles of the Salafi Dawah?
From the Principles of the Salafi Dawah is: (following the methodology of the Salaf asSaalih)
How are we able to identify the methodology of the Salaf asSaalih?
Is it compulsory for every Muslim to become a Salafi?
Where have we gotten this infallibility?

Chapter 2: Aims and Objectives of the Salafi Dawah

What are the aims of the Salafi Dawah?
What is the ideal approach according to the Salafis- towards solving the problems of the Muslims today?
Do the Salafis intend to gather all the Muslims upon a MadhHab?
Does the Salafi Dawah demand that the laymen derive Shareeah rulings directly from the book and the Sunnah without returning to the people of knowledge?

Chapter 3: The Stance of the Salafi Dawah towards Islaamic groups

Do the Salafis consider it permissible to have numerous groups in the Muslim society?
What is your opinion regarding group organisations or group work?
Does a person become a Salafi just by claiming to be?
Why is Salafiyyah claimed by one who is not from it?
What is the view of the Salafis regarding dividing the religion into pulp and peel?

Chapter 4: Differing and splitting amongst the Salafis and the issue of the MadhaaHib and Fiqh alWaaqi

There is a clear division which has appeared amongst the Salafis, followers of the Manhaj of the Salaf asSaalih (pious predecessors), so what is your advice for us?
Does a Muslim leave Salafiyyah if he differs with the Manhaj of the Salaf in some issues of Ijtihaad?
Do the Salafis disapprove of the madhaaHib of the four Imaams?
What is the position of the Salafis regarding the Fiqh of current affairs?

Chapter 5: atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah

It is well known about your call of atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah for returning the guided guided Islamic caliphate, so what is the meaning of atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah?
What is the reason for little of Tarbiyah (Training/Education/Grooming/Cultivation) in this era?
Do other Islamic groups share this concept with you?
Have you realised after these years the fruit of your motto (atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah first)?
Do you intend May Allaah preserve you- that the Muslims should remain calling to atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah until all Muslims in the land stride upon this motto?
Who will establish atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah?

Chapter 6: The issue of Takfeer

What is your stance regarding the issue of Takfeer?
Is it true that the Salafis make takfeer (to declare as disbelievers) of the laymen (common folk) who circumbulate graves?

Chapter 7: Criticism of the Salafi Dawah

What do you say about the one who says the Salafi Dawah is a retrogressive call, opposing scholarly progress and contradicting civilisation?
They say: from the fall backs of the Salafis: is that they are not organised in a party that gathers them together?

Chapter 8: Advice and concluding remarks

What is your advice to the Salafi Duaat (Preachers)?
In conclusion we want from you an exposition of the Salafiyeen that summarises what has preceded?
What is your advice to the Salafis in particular and the Muslims in general?