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The Salafi Da'wah: (its aims ...) by Shaykh alAlbaani - Compiled by 'ISaam Haadi

Chapter 5

atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah

Q: It has become well known of you your call of atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah for the return of the guided Islaamic caliphate, so what is the meaning of atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah?

Ans: from what cannot be doubted -unfortunately- is that the Muslims today in all places are humiliated except what Allaah wills-, and which humiliation is greater than the occupation of the most lowly of mankind of the holy lands which is Palestine, and the Muslims are looking at them, and they are hearing the uprisings everyday where a lot of Muslims are killed, while the Muslims around them look on and observe (like an entertainment)!!

There is no doubt that this is from the greatest humiliation which met the Muslims; so what is the solution?

Surely the Islaamic groups in the present time have differed in the view as to describing the solution to return the Muslims to their honour and past glory, and (so) they will be able to remove the oppressive enemy, and that which is our opinion to which we are not in doubt is: what we croon about in this kind of situation from what we call atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah, it is a must (to have) this two foundational pillars to realise the desired correction to return the Muslims to their old glory . [1]

So the key to returning the glory of Islaam is: to apply beneficial knowledge, and establish righteous actions and it is a noble matter it is not possible for the Muslims to reach it except by using the method of atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah, and they are two great and important obligations .[2]

And I intended by the first of the two (a number) of issues:

The first: purifying the Islaamic aqeedah from that which is foreign to it; like shirk, and denying and interpreting the godly attributes, which are established by authentic ahaadeeth to show its relationship to aqeedah etc!

The second: purifying Islaamic fiqh from mistaken Ijtihaadaat that oppose the Book and the Sunnah, and I presented some examples for that.

The third: purifying the books of Tafseer and fiqh and Raqaaiq and other than it from the weak and fabricated ahaadeeth, and the detestable Israailiyyaat, and this is what I am doing

As for the other obligation; then I intendby the training of the upcoming generation upon this Islaam purified from allwhat we have mentioned, correct Islaamic training right from childhood, withoutany influence of the western training of disbelieve.

And from that which there is no doubt isthat realizing this two obligations demands huge efforts (from) cooperation ofsincere Islaamic groups; which truly care about establishing the desiredIslaamic society, all (dealing) in its own field and its own specialty.

As regards we remaining pleased with ourcircumstances, proud of our large number, relying upon the virtues of our Lord,or the emergence of the Mahdi and the descent of Isaa (Jesus), clamoring thatIslaam is our constitution, confident that we shall establish our country!

Then that is bleak, rather misguidance;because it opposes the Sunnah of Allaah in the existence and the legislationtogether, He said Subhaanahu wa taaala-:

﴿ ﴾

Verily! Allaahwill not change the condition of a people until they change what is inthemselves. Q13:11

And he salallaahu alaihi wasSalam- said:((when you engage in a transaction that is eenah[3], and you take hold of thetails of the oxen, and you are content with agriculture, and you abandonJihaad; Allaah will send upon you humiliation that will not be dispelled untilyou return to his religion))[4].

As a result of that one of the Islaamiccallers of today said: establish the Islaamic country in your hearts; it shallbe established for you in your land, and this speech is very beautiful, butwhat is more beautiful is: to act by it;

﴿ ﴾

And say (OMuhammad) "Do deeds! Allaah will see your deeds, and (so will) HisMessenger and the believers. And you will be brought back to the All-Knower ofthe unseen and the seen. Then He will inform you of what you used to do." Q9:105[5]

And indeed some of them disapprove of thenecessity of this taSfiyah; as is the reality of some of the Islaamic parties,some of them actually claimed its phase has ended, so they diverted topolitical actions and jihaad, and they shunned giving importance to atTaSfiyahwa atTarbiyah.

And they are all mistaken in that, for howmany contradictions to the shareeah has occurred from them because of their avoidingthe obligation of atTaSfiyah, and their reliance on taqleed and splitting;which permits a lot from what Allaah has forbidden!

Q: What is thereason for little of atTarbiyah in this era?

Ans: now, we are in an awakening of knowledge,we are not in an awakening of training; thus we find a lot of people from someduaat- who knowledge is benefited from, but manners are not benefitted from,why?

Because he groomed himself upon knowledge,but he was not trained in a pious environment from childhood; thus he livespossessing the manners he got from the society which he lived and was born in,and it is a society no doubt it is not an Islaamic society, but he was capableby himself or through the guidance of some people of knowledge of treading apath that is authentic and knowledge-based, but the effect of this knowledgedoes not reflect in his behaviour, manners and in his actions.

And this situation which we are talkingabout now- its reason, is that: we have not matured in knowledge except for fewpeople.

And secondly: most of that (few) were not trainedwith correct Islaamic training, so because of that you will see a lot ofbeginners in seeking for knowledge already considering himself leader of agroup or leader of a party, and here comes an old wisdom to express the effectsof this kind of situation, it is that which says:

Love of leadership breaks the back

So reasons for this can be traced back tonot having proper training upon this authentic knowledge.

Q: Do otherIslaamic groups share this idea with you?

Ans: if we study the reality of the Islaamicgroups established for close to a century, and their thoughts and practices; weshall find a lot of them have not achieved -or acquired- anything worthy ofmention! Despite their cries and fuss that what they want is an Islaamicgovernment, which has caused the spill of blood of a lot of innocents by thisflimsy argument, without realising anything from that!!

So we still hear from them beliefs that arecontrary to the book and the Sunnah, and actions contradictory to the Book andthe Sunnah; talk less of their repeating those unsuccessful attempts (whichare) in opposition to the Shari.[8]

Q: After (all) these years have you sensed any result from your slogan:(atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah)?

Ans: I say: that after many years have passedwith our calling to the obligation of returning to the Book and the Sunnah, andto the principle of atTaSfiyah in particular; purifying Islaam frominnovations, evils, weak and fabricated ahaadeeth; that have covered the lightof Islaam sometimes, and dissipated the efforts of the Muslims in ways (that)hindered their advancement and progress, and great is Allaah who said:

﴿ ﴾

And verily, thisis my Straight Path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will separateyou away from His Path. This He has ordained for you that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious) Q6: 153

and that which was from the means torealise that Dawah is the publishing of the Silsilatain: ((asSaheehah)) and((adhDhaeefah))
;we find ourselves starting to feel the spread of awareness between the common Muslims;talk less of selected ones (scholars and students of knowledge), and that wasby the emergence of a trend of investigation and confirmation of the hadeeththey used to hear or read, if it was authentic or weak.

And that was not in my thinking- exceptthe beginning of fruition of the seeds and plants that we sown and planted morethan half a century ago, and we are still and all praise and virtue is forAllaah- continuing upon this, always stressing the obligation of taking what is(reported as) authentic from the Messenger of Allaah Salallaahu alaihiwasSalam-, and abandoning all what is not authentic; with the necessity ofknowing it for fear that it is considered religion, for surely differentiatingthe authentic from the weak are two parallel roads on the same line, they willnever meet, we know the authentic so we adhere to it and we call to it, we knowthe weak; so we abstain from it and warn away from it, and for Allaah isHudhayfas radhiyallaahu anhu- speech when he said: ((the people used to ask the Messenger of Allaah Salallaahualaihi wasSalam- about good, and I used to ask him about evil for fear that itwill overtake me))[10].

And may Allaah have mercy on the one thatsaid:

I came to know evil not for (the sake of) evil
But to avoid it
And whoever does not know good
From evil falls into it

I say: this awakening, -and all praise isdue to Allaah- has become obvious you feel it and you hear about it, for a lotof authors, teachers and speakers you find them giving attention to thisaffair, they are committed to sticking to what is authentic from the hadeeth ofthe Messenger Salallaahu alaihi wasSalam- as much as their ability, not tomention the appearance of a number of students of knowledge who have started tospecialize in this science, and those that we hope for them steadfastness andsuccess, and sincerity in seeking for knowledge.

Despite this there are unfortunately- inthe field (of knowledge) very bad impulses from the mastery of this knowledgeby a lot of youths; for popularity or wealth, and they were aided upon that bysome printers and publishers who are not concerned except with increasing theirpublications, and filling their pockets.

Q: Do you intendmay Allaah preserve you- that the Muslims should remain calling to atTaSfiyahwa atTarbiyah until all Muslims in the earth adopt this motto?

Ans: naturally, we do not intend that: that thehuge millions of these Muslims to become one Ummah!

We intend only to say: whoever reallywants to work for Islaam, and to take the means that will smoothen for him the establishmentof Allaahs laws in the earth; then he must emulate theMessenger of Allaah Salallaahu alaihi wasSalam- in judgement and inProcedure.[12]

Q: Who willestablish atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah[13]?

Ans: the establishment of this is not up takenexcept by a group of noble scholars, and pious trainers and how few are they inthis era![14]


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Shaykh alAlbaanis efforts in atTaSfiyah was exemplary (to the extent that) it is clearly visible, in many of the fields of knowledge, and it remains his principles and views from (the second part) of his motto which he promoted and concentrated upon, and it is (atTaSfiyah wa atTarbiyah). (Source: http://www.mashhoor.net/ accessed 24 Feb. 2014)

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There is no doubt that the words of our Shaykh alAlbaani rahimahullaah- and his views in this subject are scattered, dispersed and spread out (in many sources), in need of one who will pay attention to it, to gather and collect it, then connecting similar points, and organizing it in one single document, upon fundamentals of a specialized methodology, so it will become a peerless compilation, incomparable to any other in its time, to be benefited from by those that love Shaykh alAlbaani, his sons and his students, from whom have been gathered by the school of Athar, and the ascription to the Salaf asSaalih. And the need for this compilation becomes more severe as time passes, and tribulations intensify, for many reasons, from which are:

(1) necessity of espousing (the second part) of (the motto of reformation) that Shaykh alAlbaani promoted, and that was through his speech, his stipulations and his views.

(2) salvation in the world and the hereafter is in (the action) upon the foundation of (knowledge) that is authentic, for what is (knowledge) except a means to (actions), so it is a state of (cause) and (the action) is the fruit of it, and Shaykh alAlbaani made that clear in a lot of his sittings.

(3) (knowledge) brings about a fancy notion in contrast to actions, for surely it is difficult for them, except to the successful one, for we hear and we see rather we encounter- some of the students of knowledge and some of them are well known to the people, and he could be from the contributors in atTaSfiyah, and in authenticating and authoring (books), it is noticed of him something from (atTarbiyyah)(in this case bad manners), rather his actions and his stances are shameful, obstructing the path of this blessed dawah, and the mutarabiSoon (the ones that wait for calamity to befall) take it as a barrier in its propagation, and peoples acceptance of it, and those with sick minds and worldly ambition generalize this, upon the rest of the Mashaaiykh, the ones that are working sincerely to aid it (the dawah), and the people of deviated methodology croon about it and float it especially the Takfiriyeen- so they can make it an evidence to establish the falsehood of the Salafi Manhaj (in their sick mind), and that its people are Murjiah, they donnot care about sins, and the Murjiah they say: the Eemaan is not influenced by a sin!! And these lies became popular, and the defamation became widespread, and I have clarified its falsehood in the introduction to the book ((the efforts of Imaam alAlbaani in the matters of Eemaan in Allaah the most high)) and it is from the publications of Daar alAthariyyah.

(4) the severe need of the students of knowledge in general, and the salafees in particular to studies that are of tarbiyyah in nature, to guide their approaches and methods in dealing with others, and especially if these studies are built upon the statements of Shaykh alAlbaani Rahimahullaah taala- for it is- without doubt- more susceptible to acceptance.

(5) clarity of the extent of the depth of Shaykh alAlbaanis views as regards atTarbiyah, and in addition to him being a scholar, he is a reformer and a trainer, and to refute the lie which is being promoted by the enemies of the Salafi Dawah in general and the enviers of Shaykh alAlbaani in particular that he had knowledge but was not fortunate in the aspect of traning his students, and even if this claim is correct in some personalities! (Source: http://www.mashhoor.net/ accessed 24 Feb. 2014)

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